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Our Story

ConfiDental started as way to deliver high quality, yet accessible education for docs who want to learn implant techniques, and who understand the value of leading and teaching their team, without the cost associated with travel and destination courses.

 Dr. Guy Gross has spent the last 20 years placing implants in a restorative dental practice, learning the ropes, and refining his techniques. For the last decade he has been teaching doctors how to place dental implants. In that time, Guy has seen the struggles that doctors face when it comes to having the hands-on experience that allows them to press forward with providing care to their patients. Many doctors didn’t have the confidence they wanted to begin placing implants, they had to travel, which took time out of their dental practice and removed even more from the bottom line, and at the end of it all, they still had to train their assistants to help them with techniques they were still learning themselves!


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ConfiDental was the answer. In collaboration with Neil Ward, a tenured professor and medical researcher with medical tech and virtual learning experience, we developed a virtual training program to provide flexibility, accessibility, and team training. Add to that a surgical kit and one-of-a-kind surgical training models that are mailed directly to each participating doc, and we ended up with a virtual, hands-on dental education platform that we are excited to share with the dental community.

With the combination of a model that really feels like the real deal, virtual learning built off of years of experience, and education built off of decades of dental instruction in implant surgery, we want to be your program of choice as the premier education platform in dental implant education.

-Guy and Neil

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